Below are some of my featured weddings, please click through for full albums. 

Jayme & Jayme 

Jayme and Jamie really allowed me to become a part of their day, which created some very special photos. The lush garden setting definitely helped, and the drizzle didn't dampen any spirits. 

Beth & Siobhan

Beth and Siobhan's wedding felt like a privilege to attend. They had been together for over fifteen years before the marriage laws were changed in the UK, and as soon as they were, they booked in a ceremony. The atmosphere was all the more celebratory due to this, and so beautiful.

Helen & Matt

Everything about Helen and Matt's wedding was perfect: the grand setting, the weather, the family and the mood. Thank you for sharing your day with me.

Samatha & Peter

Sam and Pete really welcomed me into their day, and the pictures definitely show this. Becoming a part of a new family for a moment never gets old for me. 

Amy & Rik

Photographing this colourful couple was such a pleasure. The whole day was casual, and yet so special, with creative hand-made decorations, and even a bouncy warrior arena!

Jess & Peter

To have a ceremony in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor was quite unique. Singing bowls and willow weaving set the tone wonderfully.